Goal 3

Goal 3

Moving research forward

Support research initiatives that are reciprocal, community-led, legitimize Indigenous ways of knowing and promote Indigenous peoples’ self-determination.

Action 10

Create dedicated strategic programming to catalyze research that is co-developed with and led by Indigenous communities locally and globally.

Action 11

Establish Research Chair positions for faculty who demonstrate excellence in the application of Indigenous ways of knowing in research and advance the implementation of Indigenous peoples’ human rights locally, nationally and around the world.

Action 12

Support research opportunities for students to become global leaders in the advancement of Indigenous knowledge systems in health, governance, education, law, business, the sciences, the arts and Indigenous languages.

Action 13

Co-develop research protocols and community-specific ethical research guidelines with interested community partners to ensure students and Faculties are approaching research opportunities with communities in a respectful and formalized manner. This includes the imperative of free, prior and informed consent and protocols on the ownership, control, access and possession of Indigenous data.

Action 14

Provide Indigenous people who are engaged in research with equitable and timely compensation that recognizes the significant value of their participation to the research process and outcomes.

Photo of the pit house sculpture above Xwi7xwa Library on UBC Vancouver campus.

Involve Indigenous communities in all facets of research including active and meaningful collaboration – from planning and design, to execution, data collection, data analysis, interpreting outcomes, and broadly sharing research results.

— ISP Engagement Participant