Goal 6

Goal 6

Recruiting Indigenous people

Position UBC as the most accessible large research university globally for Indigenous students, faculty and staff.

Action 24

Broaden the criteria for tenure, promotion and merit for faculty and staff to recognize excellence in incorporating Indigenous knowledge systems into teaching, curriculum development and research, including recognition of service in Indigenous-specific areas that goes above and beyond expectations.

Action 25

Develop Indigenous recruitment, retention and advancement policies, which strategically increase Indigenous faculty and staff numbers on both campuses.

Action 26

Identify apprenticeships and new employment opportunities for members of, and in partnership with, Musqueam, the Okanagan Nation and other Indigenous communities.

Action 27

Integrate competence or interest in developing competence in teaching Indigenous content and working with Indigenous students and colleagues into university job descriptions.

Action 28

Increase Indigenous student access to needs-based financial aid for tuition, child-care and housing.

Action 29

Increase needs-based access to child-care services and affordable housing options for Indigenous faculty and staff.

Action 30

Work with Musqueam and the Okanagan Nation to understand their members’ desires for tuition assistance and explore what the university’s role might be in addressing these desires.

Photo of House Post of ‘qiyǝplenǝxʷ’ (Capilano) outside the back of the UBC Law building.

A first step in the right direction would be to work towards a major increase in Indigenous students, staff, and faculty. The more we are able to increase Indigenous access to UBC, the more this knowledge will become part of our community in non-tokenizing ways.

— ISP Engagement Participant