Goal 7

Goal 7

Providing tools for success

Forge a network of Indigenous peoples’ human rights resources for students, faculty, staff and communities.

Action 31

Develop a research information repository and communication portal that assists students, faculty, staff, communities and researchers at large to access resources, information, publications and reports about Indigenous issues and knowledge.

Action 32

Develop, communicate and keep updated a comprehensive online database of current Indigenous programs, initiatives and courses at the university.

Action 33

Create a professional development program that assists faculty and staff to foster safe and inclusive classrooms and workplaces.

Action 34

Develop and deliver Indigenous history and issues training for all faculty and staff to be successfully completed within the first year of employment at UBC and to be reviewed on a regular basis.

Action 35

Identify Indigenous faculty and staff mentors who volunteer to be available, recognized and compensated for providing professional advisory services to their colleagues in the development and delivery of Indigenous content and tools for fostering culturally safe classrooms and workplaces.

Action 36

Create easily accessible structures and mechanisms on each campus for Indigenous communities to partner with the university on initiatives that advance their unique goals and interests.

Action 37

In consultation with Indigenous knowledge-experts, establish an International Indigenous Higher Education Advocacy Group to develop a global strategy for the advancement of Indigenous peoples’ human rights in research and curriculum.

Detail photo of hanging circles. Circles are white with a copper inner and there is a wooden wall in the background.

My colleagues and I are keen to integrate Indigenous ways of knowing into our teaching, but don’t have the tools, are apprehensive about teaching materials we don’t understand well ourselves, and want to ensure that we are being authentic and respectful.

— ISP Engagement Participant