UBC has a complex network of relationships with and obligations to Indigenous peoples locally and globally, beginning with our host nations of Musqueam and Syilx Okanagan. Working outward, UBC has relationships with and responsibilities to Indigenous nations and peoples in the lower mainland/Fraser Valley and Okanagan Valley, within the Province of BC, nationally in both Canada and the United States, and around the globe. 

A 6-armed spider diagram with the UBC Logo at the centre. The arms read: International Indigenous Peoples, Musqueam (MOA) and Okanagan Nation Alliance (MOU), Indigenous Nations and Peoples of the Lower Mainland and Okanagan Valley, Indigenous Peoples of BC, Canada/US Border Nations, and Indigenous Peoples of Canada (First Nations, Inuit and Métis)

The term ‘Indigenous’ refers to First Nations, Inuit and Métis people, either collectively or separately. It is the preferred term in international usage, e.g. within UNDRIP, and is increasingly being chosen over ‘Aboriginal’ both formally and informally in CanadaLearn more.