Implementation Tools & Resources

To help guide the implementation of the ISP, the Office of Indigenous Strategic Initiatives has developed a set of tools which units can use to help situate themselves in relation to Indigenous engagement and to start aligning their work with the Plan.

We are constantly working to update this toolkit section, so please check back for updates and additional tools soon.

The Office of Indigenous Strategic Initiatives (OISI) created a video overview on the history, use and facilitation of the Indigenous Strategic Plan (ISP) Implementation Toolkit.

ISP Implementation Toolkit

Step 1: The ISP Self-Assessment Tool provides units with the opportunity to reflect and discuss their role at UBC within the context of Indigenous engagement. Completing this tool will help to situate units in relation to ISP goals and actions and will help answer questions such as:
• What are we currently doing to advance the goals and actions of the ISP?
• What can we be doing more of?
• What are we doing that we can change?
• What can we start doing?

DownloadISP Self-Assessment Tool [PDF]

Step 2: The Intent to Action Tool provides a structure for units to review the Plan, identify the goals and actions that are relevant to your unit, and assess how you can contribute to implementing your goals through some specific selected activities. This tool is made up of a Facilitator’s Guide and Workshop Slides.

DownloadFacilitator’s Guide [PDF] and Workshop Slides [PowerPoint]

As directed by the UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan, the Performance Measurement Framework can be used to measure progress towards ISP goals, including both qualitative and quantitative performance measures. This framework is a sample, it is designed to provide guidance to Faculties and operational units when measuring progress towards the Indigenous Strategic Plan’s goals.

DownloadPerformance Measurement Framework [PDF]

The following Implementing UNDRIP at UBC document provides UBC’s senior leadership with a broad and multi-dimensional lens to contextualize and uphold the commitments UBC has made to promote the principles of UNDRIP and Indigenous peoples’ human rights.

Download: Implementing UNDRIP at UBC [PDF]