Stream 3: Student-led Projects

If you are a student (undergraduate or graduate) principal applicant you will apply to this stream. Proposals submitted to Stream 3 are adjudicated separately from proposals submitted by faculty, staff or post-docs to the other two streams. This stream involves just one application stage.

Student-led projects can align with any (at least one) of the 43 actions in the ISP.

Click here for some examples of student-led projects that have been previously funded by other funds.

Stream 3 Consultation Sessions:

There are no further Stream 3 consultation sessions scheduled at this time.

Priority Actions

Student-led projects do not need to select one of the ‘Priority Actions’ with which to align. Student-led projects can align with any (at least one) of the 43 actions in the ISP.


  • Impact at any level.
  • Principal applicant: must be full-time UBCV/O student(s) in good standing at the time of the application, and during the period of the project cycle. Students must plan to be at UBC for at least one-year of the implementation cycle with detailed plans as to how they plan for the project to continue once they leave. 
  • Co-applicant(s): UBCV/O faculty, staff, post-docs and/or students (cross-campus collaboration is strongly encouraged) and community partners. The application must be supported and signed by a co-applicant who is a UBC faculty or staff member.
  • For proposals that detail partnerships, partner endorsements are required for your application to be successful. 

Adjudication Criteria

Strategic alignment

Your proposed project or initiative must align with at least one of the ISP’s 43 actions.

Relationality and collaboration

Proposals must demonstrate relationality as an element of their proposed project. This may mean interconnectivity between teams within a unit or collaboration with other units across UBC, or working with Indigenous students, faculty, staff or communities.

Project impact

A project that can achieve the desired outcomes in the funding duration, or at least provide a pilot / test of a new program.

Feasibility and clarity

The proposal provides a clear project description, scope and plan.

Measurement of outcomes

The proposal includes a robust evaluation plan, including well-defined, measurable and achievable project outcomes (qualitative and / or quantitative).


The proposed budget is reasonable, aligned with the work plan and includes a clear justification for all costs associated with the project.

Funding Limits

Projects can request up to $50K over the life of the project, and can run from 12 to 18 months, with opportunity for extension, if justified.

$500K has been set aside for Stream 3: Student-led Projects.

Submission Guidelines

  • The application for Stream 3: Student-led Projects consists of one stage.
  • Applicants must submit their proposal by 3pm on Thursday, January 27, 2022 through the online application system, and respect the character limit associated with each section.
  • Support with application development and submission will be provided through information and consultation sessions throughout the application process. You can also reach out to with any questions.


A proposal template and a budget form are available for you to download. The template is intended to support offline work prior to submission, which occurs through the online application portal: