The Action Plan

Implementing Indigenous human rights

The Indigenous Strategic Plan provides thoughtful guidance for action and a framework for reconciliation in a post-secondary context. In post-TRC Canada, we are morally and ethically compelled to implement these global human rights standards. Pursuing reconciliation is a collective university responsibility, a thread that runs through all areas of the university. The following section is designed to guide and enable Faculties and others to follow through on the university’s commitment to meaningful reconciliation. It is intended not as a portfolio in itself but rather, as a guide to help Faculties, units and portfolios develop their own plans for implementation, considering their unique contexts and capabilities.

In short, it is an enabling document. In implementing Indigenous human rights as a university community, we build an environment in which students, faculty and staff will share intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect for the rights of all peoples.

We’re involved in a national project of remedial learning, and the academy is in the front row.

— Marie Wilson, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada


Transforming intent into action