Goal 8

Goal 8

Creating a holistic system of support

Provide exceptional and culturally supportive services for Indigenous students, faculty, staff and communities.

Action 38

Review all university policies and operational practices to ensure they support the recognition of Indigenous peoples’ human rights, and the equity and inclusion of Indigenous students, faculty, staff and community members.

Action 39

Strengthen relationships with educational providers and support a comprehensive, multi-pathway approach for transitioning Indigenous students from K-12 or college to undergraduate studies, or from undergraduate studies to graduate studies.

Action 40

Partner with Musqueam, the Okanagan Nation and other Indigenous host nations to provide in-community university transition support services to interested community members.

Action 41

Enhance trauma, violence and other counselling or cultural support services for Indigenous students, faculty and staff.

Action 42

Complete, on a regular basis, service level reviews with Indigenous students, faculty and staff to ensure campus wellness programs and other services increasingly meet their needs.

Action 43

Expand upon UBC’s discrimination and harassment policies to clarify and uphold UBC’s zero tolerance for racism, cultural violence, sexual violence or any form of discrimination against Indigenous students, faculty, staff and community members.

Photo of one of the House Posts in Sty-Wet-Tan (Great Hall) at UBC Longhouse taken during Indigenous graduation ceremony.

I would like to see support programs that specifically address Indigenous students’ issues from an Indigenous perspective.

— ISP Engagement Participant